Allo Bar Ejuice Flavors – Are They Any Good?

The Allo Bar by Allo Vapor is a compact and stylish way to enjoy high levels of nicotine without the next person knowing. The device basically takes away all the fuss usually associated with vaping, from having to refill your ejuice tank to priming your coils so they don’t burn, to constantly remembering to charge your device. With the Allo Bar, you just take it out of its pack and vape.

Since the device features non-refillable Allo vape pods, Allo Vapor decided to manufacture a variety of ejuice flavors so you get to enjoy flavor after flavor. There is bound to be one or two ejuice flavors that will tickle your fancy. 

Allo Bar Ejuice Flavors

Blue Raspberry: This ejuice blend features a blend of blueberry and raspberry that will send your taste buds on a pleasure ride. The natural-tasting flavor of the native North American fruits is sure to satisfy any fruit-loving vaper.

Classic Tobacco: If you are looking for a taste of the old world, this ejuice flavor is for you. Who says you have to smoke a stick of cigarette just because you miss the taste of tobacco. This ejuice blend captures the timeless taste of a full-flavored cigarette that will satisfy your tobacco cravings over and over again.Allo Bar Disposable Vape Device by Allo Vapor Review

Mango Ice: Here is another fruit-flavoured blend, but this time, it comes with an icy surprise. This ejuice flavor is made from a blend of succulent mangoes that reward you with velvety smoothness. It doesn’t stop there, in the end, you get a hint of sugar and mint that further accentuates the tropical mango flavor notes to leave your taste buds in amazement.

Peach: This common fruit becomes a whole new experience when vaped. The ejuice blend features a mixture of field-ripened peaches that will deliver a rich fruity experience with a velvety feel in your mouth. There is a hint of mint that gives it a cool and refreshing effect on the exhale.

Lychee Ice: Flavored vape juice does not get as exotic as this. This fruit is considered to be the rose of the fruit world, and true to the statement, even the rose of the fruit vaping world. The tropical-floral aroma and delicate delicious flavor take your taste buds on an uncommon cruise to flavor satisfaction. 

Pineapple Ice: If you love pineapples then you will love this savory delight that features a blend of fresh pineapples with a hint of mint for a cooling exhale feel. 

Spearmint: It’s all chill with this ejuice flavor. If you love mint, you will love this mint-flavoured ejuice. Allo Vapor makes use of real mint extracts in this one, giving it a freshness that creates an undying flavor. Your taste buds will definitely be calling you back for more of this. In the end, it leaves your breath smelling and feeling fresh. Allo Bar Disposable Vape Device by Allo Vapor Review

In addition to these originals, Allo Vapor also released a plethora of new Allo Bar ejuice flavors. They are Apple Peach, Fuji Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Melon Ice, Mixed Berries, Orange Ice, Orange Mango Guava (OMG), Peach Lemon, Red Line Ice, Strawberry, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Ice, Blueberry Ice, Pomegranate, and Ludou Ice. At Hazetown Vapes, you get to choose whatever Allo Bar ejuice flavors tickle your fancy. They are priced at $8 so you would not have a problem picking out more than one. 

Conclusion – Are They Any Good?

Despite the fact that the Allo Bar disposable vape device is designed for transitioning smokers who are mostly more interested with smooth cigarette-like mouth-to-lung draws, Allo Vapor still strives to make the journey there worthwhile with a flavor that lingers on your tongue even when you are done quenching your nicotine craving.