Little Mean Vanilla Bean E-Liquid by Kind Juice Review

Little Mean Vanilla Bean is a rich-tasting vape juice by Kind Juice. Like its name indicates, this e-liquid has the flavor of vanilla bean. Little Mean Vanilla Bean contains the purest Bourbon Vanilla beans flavor derived from Reunion, Madagascar.The vanilla bean flavor in this e-liquid has an exquisite spot-on taste that most vapers will find irresistible. You can attest to the richness of this e-juice after your very first hit. Although there are many vanilla e-liquids on the market, Little Mean Vanilla Bean is one of the best in my opinion. You do not get any artificial taste when you vape this premium e-liquid. Little Mean Vanilla Bean has an organic flavor. The sweetness that fills your mouth when you vape this e-juice has a natural smoothness to it.

Like other vanilla e-liquids, Little Mean Vanilla Bean is sweet, but it is not overly sweet to the point of becoming overwhelming. Vaping this e-liquid is very similar to eating a bowl of Breyers Ice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. If you have a thing for vanilla bean e-liquid, then, you should give Little Mean Vanilla Bean a try. This is one of those e-liquids that you can easily vape all day long without getting bored with it. Little Mean Vanilla Bean is one of the best vanilla bean e-liquids on the market.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean has an awesome taste. If you have a thing for vanilla, you will certainly appreciate the delicious taste of this e-liquid. The incredible vanilla bean flavor in this e-liquid lasts through the inhale and exhale. This premium vape juice makes for a smooth and clean organic vaping experience. It has a long-lasting aftertaste. Little Mean Vanilla Bean is the kind of e-liquid that draws you in with every puff.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean is a MAX VG e-liquid. This e-liquid does not contain any propylene glycol (PG). It has a thick and smooth consistency. This e-liquid has been produced to work well with most types of devices. The recommended ohm range for this e-liquid is 0 to 4 ohms. The recommended voltage is from 3.6v to 6.6v, while the recommended wattage is from 10w to 75w.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean produces huge clouds of vapor like all other MAX VG e-liquids on the market. The clouds of vapor that you get from vaping this e-liquid retain a lot of flavor that fills the air quickly. The e-juice has a pleasant aroma.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean comes with different nicotine strength levels, so there is something for every vaper regardless of your nicotine preference. Little Mean Vanilla Bean comes with 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 13mg of nicotine. This vanilla bean e-liquid does not leave your throat with any irritation or uncomfortable feeling in the throat. The smoothness of the throat hit that you get from Little Mean Vanilla Bean can be attributed to the high-quality of the nicotine it is manufactured with.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean e-liquid is manufactured in the United States by Kind Juice. Kind Juice is a vaping company that runs its operations from Miami, Florida. This company is a big name in the vaping industry. Kind Juice shot to fame for creating the first 100 percent vape juice on the market. The company is reputed for not using any artificial ingredients in the production of its many e-liquid flavors. The ingredients that Kind Juice uses in the production of its e-liquids are obtained from real fruit and/or plant-based sources. The use of this organic ingredients gives this e-liquid a unique pure taste. All e-liquid produced by Kind Juice are Vegan and Kosher friendly. Kind Juice e-liquids are also gluten, sugar, dairy, cruelty, and GMO-free. This company has several e-liquid lines on the market with different flavors. Little Mean Vanilla Bean is part of the Nectar Kind Juice line. There are more than eight amazing flavors in the Nectar series.

Little Mean Vanilla Bean comes in different bottle sizes; 15ml and 30ml. A 15ml bottle of this e-liquid is sold for $13.99 via the Kind Juice official website. A 30ml bottle of this e-liquid is going for $24.99 at Kind Juice offers free shipping within the United States for all orders surpassing $45.

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