Humble Ice Juice Co. Ice Pink Spark Review

Your favorite classic summertime drink is now available in vape form. Ice Pink Spark e-juice by Humble Ice Juice Co. gives you the taste of pink lemonade. This is not like any e-juice that you have never tasted ever. Find out below if this thirst-quenching flavor will pass your standards.

Flavor Profile

“Classic pink lemonade with the tart of lemon, and the smooth chill of icy menthol.”


Ice Pink Spark e-juice offers a unique twist of zesty and sweet flavor in a vape. This e-juice will satisfy vapers who are craving for a special kind of tart flavor. This vape juice gives off a refreshing pink lemonade taste that is mixed with the tart tang of lemon and a smooth chill of icy menthol. It has a slightly sweet and slightly sour taste, just enough to make you squint one eye a little. Craving for something sweet or something sour? Then this one is for you.

This e-juice is a flavorful delight on both the inhale and exhale. All your lemonade cravings will be satisfied. It comes highly recommended so you can be sure that this baby is crazily good. PS I love pink lemonade so much.

Vapor Production

Ice Pink Spark vape liquid is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. Its 80/20 mix will no doubt get you blowing thick, heavy clouds. With a flavor profile of pink lemonade and menthol, this vape juice will keep your taste buds feeling refreshed and satisfied.

For newbies who want to be cloud chasers, there are several factors you need to consider to produce big clouds. Battery, for instance, can make a difference. Make sure it is powered enough to keep up with the wattage your mod will be pumping. Furthermore, the setting of your device and the kind of vape juice you buy also makes a huge difference. On your part, know how to inhale properly and practice to increase your lung capacity.

Throat Hit

Throat hit refers to the feeling you get when you inhale a vape juice that contains nicotine. Ice Pink Spark e-juice is nice and smooth on the throat. However, the throat hit is a bit stronger than usual, thanks to both its menthol and citrus components. But I did not experience any nose tingling sensations, throat irritation, or even fits of coughing.

Ice Pink Spark vape juice is available with three nicotine concentration levels. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. You need to go for higher nicotine levels if you want an intense throat hit. On the other hand, go for less nicotine for a light throat hit.

Ice Pink Spark e-juice is well-balanced between throat hit, clouds, and flavor. Humble Juice did not sacrifice flavor to give the e-juice a strong nicotine kick. Also, its cloud production is impressive. In other words, Humble Ice Juice Co. did a pretty good job with this blend. It captured the best of both worlds — flavor and cloud chasers.


Ice Pink Spark comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. It comes with a child-resistant cap so it is safe to be around with kids (and pets), although this is strongly discouraged. There is a label on the bottle that contains relevant product information like the brand name and flavor name. I love how simple and straightforward the packaging design of this e-juice is.


Whoever said that a good e-juice comes with an expensive price tag is wrong. A hefty 120-mL bottle of Ice Pink Spark e-juice only costs $24.99 at


Overall, Ice Pink Spark vape liquid is one of the best e-juice flavors to enjoy a hot summer day. This e-juice has a refreshing flavor that will calm your senses. It has excellent cloud and vapor production. The throat hit is nice and smooth. Also, the price is friendly on the pocket.

But wait, there is more. You can snatch a BOGO Vape Juice deal to get two bottles of your favorite Humble Juice blends for the price. Do not rub your eyes because the offer is real.

Happy vaping!

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