Naked 100’s Green Blast E-Juice Review

Green Blast e-liquid is an exciting vape juice from Naked 100. This e-juice is a combination of three delightful fruits; honeydew melon, apple, and kiwi.

Flavor Description

The honeydew melon flavor adds a touch of sweetness to Green Blast. The apple adds a nice crispy flavor to the blend. The kiwi adds a bit of sourness to the mix to balance its sweet taste. The blend of these three fruits makes for a refreshing and relaxing vaping experience. This is the kind of e-juice flavor that you won’t mind vaping every all day long. You won’t quickly get sick of the flavor of this e-juice. It will make your vaping sessions quite memorable.

Green Blast e-liquid by Naked 100 does not always come pre-steeped from the factory. If you buy a bottle of this e-juice and the taste doesn’t live up to your expectations, you need to steep it for one or two weeks. Steeping can go a long way to improve the flavor of this e-liquid.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Green Blast e-juice is 70/30. You can vape this e-juice using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) instead. Using an RDA will allow the flavor to come alive.

You can expect thick clouds of vapor when vaping Green Blast. The clouds can fill up a room quickly. If you are a cloud chaser, you will have a lot of fun vaping this e-liquid. The clouds that you get from this e-liquid have a nice fruity aroma.

Nicotine Level

Naked 100 produces Green Blast e-juice with varying nicotine concentration levels. This makes sense because some vapers prefer a mild throat sensation while some like a stronger hit. You can get this e-liquid with either 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg of nicotine.
The throat hit of Green Blast is very smooth. Even when you are vaping the version of this e-liquid with 12 mg of nicotine, you will not experience any throat irritation. This is one of the reasons why you can vape this e-juice all day long.

Packing Design

Green Blast e-liquid has a nice packaging design that makes it stand out. Naked 100 uses the same simple and eye-grabbing packaging design for all its e-liquids. The e-juice comes in a clear glass bottle. There is a label on the bottle that contains theNaked 100 logo as well as other important details about the product such as the nicotine and VG/PG ratio and more.


Naked 100 is a vape juice maker based in Signal Hills, California. This company is known for producing premium e-liquids. Green Blast is just one of several impressive e-juice blends from Naked 100. Some other equally remarkable e-liquids from Naked 100 are Amazing Mango, Brain Freeze, and Lava Flow among others.

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For vapers who want a strong nicotine kick, there is a nicotine salt version of Naked 100’s Green Blast e-juice. The nicotine salt does not affect the flavor of this e-liquid.

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