The Link Between Vaping and Weight Loss

A paper published in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal indicates that the combination of nicotine and e-juice flavorings can curb appetite and ultimately contribute to weight loss. Obesity is on the increase currently making losing weight more significant. An estimated 28% of the adults and 47% of the children worldwide are obese.

It is well-known that nicotine has weight loss properties. It speeds up metabolism making the body burn a lot more calories at rest. Studies show that many ex-smokers gain weight soon after quitting.

According to a recent study conducted by author Christopher Stewart, smokers lack Bacteroides in their system which increases the likelihood of developing Crohn’s disease and obesity. Meanwhile, vapers were found to have almost the same microbial results as non-smokers. You will find more information about the study at Soupwire.

It must be emphasized that vaping is not a way to lose weight. There are many other weight management and diet plans to follow. However, people seeking to quit smoking find that transitioning to vaping makes it easier to ease off cigarettes without any drastic weight gain.

One reason why ex-smokers gain weight after quitting cigarette is that they tend to eat more to fight the urge to smoke. This ultimately leads to weight gain.

Vaping provides ex-smokers the same hand-to-mouth experience as smoking. This helps to reduce the urge to snack on food. In this way, vaping can help to curb the urge to eat more junk food or have a drink. Although there are many controversies about nicotine, it is known to induce weight loss because it serves as an appetite suppressant.

Unlike cigarettes, e-liquids are made available with varying nicotine levels. You can also get e-liquids without any nicotine.

With that said, it should be noted that there is nothing like weight loss e-liquids. No e-liquid can be made to formulated to help you lose weight. Instead, e-juice flavors can help to curb your food cravings. For example, if you have a craving for sweets, instead of eating sweets and getting calories, you can satisfy your taste buds by vaping on an e-liquid with the flavor of candy or sweets.

Experts at Massey University in New Zealand are seeking to find out whether vaping can be an effective solution to losing weight. In a paper published in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal, the experts concluded that flavorings in e-liquids could act as an appetite suppressant and help people looking to lose weight. In the paper titled “Could Vaping Be a New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge,” Dr. Glover explains that the food flavoring in e-liquids, along with the mouth-feel and the hand-to-mouth gesture are very important factors that act psychologically to suppress appetite.

Dr. Glover of Massey University has been researching the effect of vaping on weight loss for 23 years. In her study of ex-smokers, she found that those who made the transition to vaping did not experience weight gain in comparison to those who stopped smoking but did not transition to smoking. She attributes the effect of vaping on weight loss to a variety of factors. Nicotine plays an essential role as an appetite suppressant, but it’s not just the nicotine. The flavorings in e-liquids are also important. These findings indicate that there is a direct link between vaping and weight loss – especially for ex-smokers looking to avoid gaining weight when they kick the habit.

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