Mini CBD Wax Pen by CBDfx Review

CBDfx’s Mini CBD Wax vape pen is a wonderful vaping device. This device provides a convenient way to consume CBD. It is also easy to load and use. This pen is light and small, but it performs impressively.


  • The mini pen is designed to allow wide airflow. It is also equipped with a one-way, anti-leak valve.
  • It comes with two selectable 11 mm Dual Core atomizers that are made of ceramic and quartz.
  • It is powered by a Lithium-Ion 350 mAh battery,
  • Includes a 420 mAh USB charger
  • Titanium dab tool

Using CBD Wax Pen

You can use this vape pen to vaporize CBD wax/concentrate or oils. It is much more effective than smoking. You take in a lot more CBD through vaping. The first time you use this wax pen, take it slowly, or you’ll get an intense feeling almost immediately.

This dab pen is composed of a battery, heating element, and mouthpiece.  The battery provides the power to the heating element. The heat will turn the wax inside the chamber to the vapor which you inhale.

Product Design

But what makes this different from bigger pens? For starters, CDBfx added a heating rod to the atomizer chamber. This centralizes the concentrates and makes sure that it heats up evenly. This means you get a larger amount of vapor.

This mini pen is also equipped with a carb cap that circulates the air around the burning concentrate. This allows you to inhale a large load of vapor even when you are not vaping at a high wattage.

This vape pen is equipped with two interchangeable ceramic and quartz core atomizers. The former can heat rather quickly giving you explosive hits. Meanwhile, the quartz gives you consistent puffs. Each of these coils is housed in a stainless steel chassis with an anti-leak valve. This makes it possible for the air to come without the melted concentrate leaking. The improved airflow design prevents any chances of leakage. This is also the reason why the port at the pen’s base is enlarged. It allows as much airflow into the heating chamber. This ultimately leads to a more enjoyable vaping experience. The pen also uses ball bearings to conduct electricity to the atomizer.

About CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD comes from the hemp plant. This particular component doesn’t make you “high,” but it does have potential medical applications. CBD is used to relieve pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Unlike THC, CBD is legal to buy and use in many countries across the globe.

Medical experts agree that CBD is safe to ingest. But some users have reported mild side effects when it is taken in large doses. Getting groggy or drowsy is the most common complaint. There’s also the issue of CBD interacting with other medications or drugs that you’re taking. If you are on medication, consult your physician before taking CBD.


This CBDfx’s mini CBD vape pen is better than many of the bigger vape pens on the market.  You can expect a pleasurable vaping experience from this device.

Visit to get the CBDfx mini wax dab pen for only $54.99. If you want it with the raw dabs, the price is $94.98. This is not the only vape pen that CBDfx offers.

This company has a lot of impressive CBD products that will no doubt pique your interest. You will find CBD oils, vape juice, capsules, gummies and a lot more at the CBDfx online shop.

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