Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci Review

The Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci almost looks like an electronic razor. But it’s a dry herb vaping device. And it comes in five different colors. You can customize the appearance of this vaporizer.

Product Specs

Inside the package, you will find:

  • 1 Ascent Vaporizer
  • 1 AC Adapter 100-240v
  • 2 Oil glass jars
  • 1 Glass vapor tube
  • 1 Velvet carrying bag
  • 2 Ascent stickers
  • 1 Instruction manual

There is also a zip lock bag with an additional metal poking tool. Also, there are two pieces of rubber heads for covering the mouthpiece as well as extra metal screens.  This vaporizer comes with a two-year warranty against factory defects. DaVinci really stands by its workmanship.

Product Description

This Ascent portable vaporizer uses a digital temperature control system. This allows you to adjust the temperature accurately and easily. In addition, the glass mouthpiece is removable making it transport friendly. The glass mouthpiece also ensures that you’re getting pristine vapor from the device. The Ascent is equipped with ceramic heating plates which keeps the flavor intact.

Digital Readout

This DaVinci vaporizer has a digital display which shows the temperature, battery life, and other settings.


The DaVinci Ascent is built with two 2250 mAh lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable. When fully charged, the batteries can last for up to two hours of continuous usage. These powerful batteries can last for 8 to 10 vaping sessions using .7 grams of dry herbs each time. That’s quite a feat considering most of its competitors only last half that time. Due to its powerful batteries, the Ascent is a bit heavy compared with its contemporaries. It measures 2.24” x 4.47” x 1.03” and weighs almost 200 grams. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to hold during vaping sessions.

Vapor Quality

With the Ascent, you can enjoy vaping dry herbs and wax at your desired heat settings. This device will give you thick clouds of vapor. Due to its glass mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber, the vapor tastes clean.

To further add ease to your vaping experience, this device has a temperature memory system. Once you decide on a particular setting, it stays there until you shut the device off. Turn the vaporizer on again, and it will heat up based on the last temperature setting. Also, the temperature is displayed Fahrenheit by default. If you want the temperature in Celsius, simply hold the button for five seconds.

Another unique feature of the DaVinci Ascent is its ability course through different temperatures setting within a specific time frame. For example, set the heat to 370F for 2 minutes, increase to 375F for 2 minutes, then it stays at 380F to finish. Gradually increasing the temperature makes the vaporization process more efficient. It ensures that all the active ingredients in the herbs are released.

This device can heat up in just 55 seconds. The Ascent can reach its maximum temperature of 430F within 90 seconds. This vaporizer also has an auto-shutoff feature. You can use the timer to control the shuts down feature.

Vaporizing Concentrates

Aside from dry herbs, you can also use Ascent to vape wax or concentrates. Load your wax or oil in the glass jars, then place it in the heating chamber. By keeping it separate, the chamber remains clean. You’re also spared from extensive maintenance since without the jars the concentrates will make a mess. And remember to set a higher heat setting for concentrates.

How to Clean It

To clean the Ascent vaporizer, you need to disassemble it. The resin usually accumulates in the glass vapor tubes, oil glass jars, metal screens, and the main heating chamber. Remove the residue from the ceramic, glass, and metal parts by using isopropyl alcohol.

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