Neapolitan E-Juice by Bake Shoppe Review

Neapolitan by Bake Shoppe is the perfect e-liquid to satisfy your guilty pleasures. This e-juice tastes like you combined strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ice cream. It is truly a mouthwatering treat. The different flavors come together harmoniously; none of them dominates the flavor. You can tell that Neapolitan is the real deal because the taste is still delightful, whether you turn up or lower the wattage. There are many Neapolitan e-liquids out there, but Bake Shoppe did an outstanding job with this one.

When vaping Neapolitan by Bake Shoppe, you can taste all three ice cream flavors. The taste spreads across your mouth and captivates your taste buds. It is hard not to fall in love with something that tastes so good. Vaping this e-juice will make it feel as though you are enjoying a large bowl of ice cream. Unlike most e-liquids that contain chocolate flavor, the chocolate in Neapolitan is not too strong. This Bake Shoppe vape juice has a complex, and well-balanced flavor. The sweet and creamy taste will transport your senses to ice cream paradise.

You can get a 120ml bottle of Neapolitan by Bake Shoppe at the Budget Vapors online store for around $9.99 to $10.99. This is a bargain price for this e-juice. You do not only get the best prices from Budget Vapors, but the company also provides excellent customer service and speedy shipment of orders.

Neapolitan by Bake Shoppe comes with varying vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratios. You can get this e-liquid with a VG/PG ratio of either 70/30 or MAX VG (most likely 80/20). As you can expect, this vape liquid is quite thick, but it is not a coil killer. You can choose to vape Neapolitan using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). The vapor production of this e-juice is huge. You will get loads of milky clouds with every puff.

Neapolitan by Bake Shoppe is made available with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-liquid with either 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg or 12mg of nicotine. The throat hit that you will get from this e-juice depends on the nicotine level that you choose. But even if you go for the 12mg version, the throat hit is not irritating. If you are expecting a hard throat hit from this e-juice, you may be a little disappointed.

Neapolitan has the same simple packaging design that is used for all Bake Shoppe e-liquids. The vape juice comes in a plastic bottle with a childproof cap. You can opt for either a standard bottle or a gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a label on the bottle with the Bake Shoppe logo as well as the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, nicotine level, bottle size, and more.

Neapolitan is just one of the outstanding e-liquids in the Bake Shoppe series. Apart from Neapolitan e-juice, some of the others are Caramel Apple, Beignet, Apple Strudel, Lemon Pound Cake, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Thin Mint, Strawberry Cream Pie, Pecan Pie, and Strawberries & Cream.

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