Review of STLTH Starter Kit

The STLTH is one of the most impressive pod devices that you can buy today. This device has a 420mAh battery and 2ml pods. The functionality of the STLTH leaves nothing to be desired. As you can probably guess, this is a draw-activated device. The STLTH has a tight draw to mimic the experience of smoking cigarettes.

The design of the STLTH is pretty neat. You can slide the device into your pocket or bag conveniently. The STLTH is perfect for vaping discreetly in public. There is an LED light on the device which shows either a white or orange light depending on the battery level. I feel that this light is the only thing that detracts from the STLTH being the perfect setup for vaping discreetly.

The dimensions of the STLTH are 19.1mm by 11.1mm by 105.1mm. The device is incredibly easy to use. There are no buttons on the device. All you have to do is take a puff, and you’d start getting vapor. There is no need to even refill your tank with e-juice when using the STLTH because it works with pre-filled pods. There are so many e-juice flavors to choose from when shopping for pods for the STLTH. Not only does STLTH have a wide variety of pods, but there are also some from other companies like Naked 100, and Decoded. STLTH pods come with 2ml of e-juice. The pods are available with either 2 percent, 3.5 percent, or 5 percent of nicotine salt. Despite the high levels of nicotine salt, these pods vape smoothly.

You cannot adjust the wattage when vaping with the STLTH. I think the wattage automatically changes depending on the battery capacity that you have left. The STLTH has a 10-second cutoff limit. This means that the heating mechanism will shut down after you take a drag for 10 seconds to prevent any accidents. Since the STLTH is draw-activated, there is virtually no chance that it will automatically fire in your pocket. Therefore, it is pretty safe.

As indicated above, the STLTH comes with a 420mAh battery, which can easily last you for a day or two. The battery is not removable. The STLTH comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. There is an LED light on the device, which indicates the battery level.

You can get the STLTH starter kit at the Hazetown Vapes store for just $20. STLTH pods come in a pack of three, which costs $12 at this vape shop.

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