J Well Passy AIO Review

The J Well Passy AIO is the perfect device for newbies to vaping and people who are trying to quit cigarettes. The new Passy AIO comes with a refillable tank and it offers remarkable performance. This compact device weighs 100g. Its dimensions are 78 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm. The ergonomic flat design makes it convenient to carry the device in your own pocket or bag. The J Well Passy AIO comes with a 900mAh battery which can last for a whole day The device can be recharged through the micro USB port at its base. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging the device. The Passy AIO has a refillable pod that can hold 2ml of e-liquid. The pod comes with a 0.6ohm SS coil. The pod can be refilled with any flavor e-liquid of your choice. To refill the pod, it has to be detached from the main body by unlocking the lock button adjacent to the mouthpiece. You can see the refill port at the bottom of the pod. After refill, place the pod back into the main device and secure it by pressing the lock button. The Passy AIO is easy to use. You don’t need any vaping experience to figure out how to use this device. There is a button on the side to turn the device on/off. You need to click the button five times quickly to turn it on/off. Below the power button, there are three LEDs to indicate the battery level. You can see all the three LED lit when the device is fully charged, 2 when the device has 50% charge and 1 when the battery is only 15%. The airflow control is located at the bottom of the mouthpiece. You can adjust it as you want. This device can be used for mouth to lungs or Direct lungs vaping. You can get the J Well Passy AIO for only $50.08 at the Superior Vapour online store. There are several other pod kits available at Superior Vapour. There is a wide array of vaping products list to select from.

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