Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt Review

If you like the smooth, silky and thirst-quenching taste of milk, Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt makes a great option for you. Flavors of fresh, juicy yellow mangoes are plucked at peak ripeness and layered expertly on top of a fatty, creamy cold glass of milk. Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt has set a high bar with this creation because they expertly blended the plush, velvety flavor, and texture of milk into this nicotine salt formulation. The bright top notes of mango are easily detectable while the sweetness of cold milk swirls beneath it. As you breathe out, nothing but smooth and satiny white clouds leave your mouth and nostrils feeling refreshed and relaxed. The milky texture effect in this formulation works a treat and there is zero menthol in this creamy blend. Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt is brewed by the geniuses behind Fcukin Flava. Their world-class flavor line-up has won numerous praises in the United Kingdom and Europe. In 2019, their all-time classic Fcukin Munkey has even won an award at the 2019 Steam Show Mexico Vape Show for best menthol fruity flavor. Fcukin Flava maintains a flavor line-up of about 20 flavors and they are extremely careful and deliberate when launching new flavors, so as to guard their superior reputation. With a team of 30 staff, they are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries to bring something delightful for vapers all around the world. Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt contains USP Grade 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), making it well balanced for your pod systems. If you would like to try the milky dream that is Fcukin Flava Mango Milk Nicotine Salt, you can purchase a 10ml serving size for USD4.95 from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store ships to the USA and other countries using DHL Express with a 7 day delivery time. Located in Malaysia, the 3rd largest ejuice producing country, they stock many premium Malaysian ejuice brands at rock-bottom prices.

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