Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King Review

The Dairy King ejuice brand is in the vape market to stay. The brand brings a touch of royalty as you enjoy their lineup of milky ejuices. If you are looking for smooth and silky ejuices, Dairy King has got you covered with their line of delightful vape juices which include Glazed Milk, Lemon Milk, and Almond Milk. All of their ejuice flavors are manufactured in the USA with the best of ingredients and high standards of quality. 

Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King features a delectable mixture of rich vanilla cream blended with spot-on roasted almond to give you a nutty and smooth milky taste. If you fancy a well-made milky ejuice, Almond Milk ejuice will satisfy your taste buds to the full. Every drag of this vape juice will leave your taste buds reminiscing on the taste of a glass of sweet almond milk with a touch of vanilla. This ejuice flavor is guaranteed to be unlike anything that you have ever tasted. Each of the flavors in this ejuice are perfectly balanced so that none is overpowering. Your tongue will not get tired of this ejuice.Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King Review

Dairy King Ejuice comes loaded with 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This base ratio is quite popular, especially among the cloud chasing community because it offers a mix of both worlds, leaning more on the side of vegetable glycerin (VG). VG is responsible for the thickness of the ejuice and how much vapor the juice will be able to produce. It means that Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King is suitable for vaping with a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizers. It will also deliver huge clouds of vapor, so if you have a few cloud tricks up your sleeve, you’ve got your suit. PG is responsible for the overall flavor production and the smoothness of the throat hit. Thanks to the high-quality PG used in the Almond Milk Ejuice mixture, you are sure to enjoy the flavor while you sit back and relax with smooth and flowing throat hits.

Dairy King find a way to satisfy every vaper by creating the same ejuice flavor in a variety of nicotine concentrations. This is to make sure everyone that fancies the ejuice flavor can enjoy it and not have to bother about adjusting the nicotine concentration. Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King is available with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King Review

A 100ml bottle of Dairy King’s Almond Milk Ejuice is priced at $14.99 at Ejuice Deals which is a 46% discount against the actual $27.99 price. Even priced at $14.99, it is still way cheaper than many other vape stores, both online and offline. As an added benefit when buying from Ejuice Deals, you also get fast shipping and excellent customer service. 

Almond Milk Ejuice by Dairy King is a worthy addition to your vape library. If you are a beginner in the vaping industry, this is a good way to get into milky ejuices. If you have been vaping for a while, Almond Milk is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

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