Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe Review

Spoon-style pipes are increasingly popular, especially the glass versions. This is not just because they are cheap and portable, but for several other reasons that you will get to know as you read on. 

The Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe – Design

This glass-style pipe is handmade, featuring an attractive zig-zag pattern in bold color combinations that allows you to show off when out with friends. The device comes in different color variations, and they are all available at the Atomic Dog Vapor online store.

Just like other spoon-style pipes, this zig-zag glass spoon-style pipe is made up of three parts: the bowl that holds your herb, the mouthpiece where you will be inhaling from, and a small tube that connects the mouthpiece to the bowl, allowing you to conveniently inhale your herb.

Altogether, the device measures approximately 3.5inches long, making it convenient and portable for you to hold in your hand when you want to take a draw, or to carry it around.Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe Review

Using the Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe

Using this spoon pipe is just the same way you would other spoon pipes. Smoking out of a spoon-style pipe gets easier once you have gotten the hang of it. If you have never had any experience with them before, it might be a bit tricky so follow this guide to help you get started.

  • Fill Your Pipe With Herb

The first step to smoking using a spoon-style pipe is to fill the bowl of the pipe with your herb. Before you proceed, make sure to grind your herb into small pieces, about half the size of a pea. The finer you grind them, the more evenly they will burn. Large pieces of herb result in uneven burning which is not pleasurable in any way.

Once you have done the grinding, you should proceed to fill the bowl of spoon pipe ¾ full with the ground herb. Now, gently push the herb down into the bowl with your thumb.

  • Hold the Carb

The carb is the hole on the side of the bowl. Place your finger over the carb hole. Make sure you are holding the pipe in a way that makes it easy for you to take out that finger from the carb later.

  • Inhale while lighting the bowl

You need to inhale through the mouthpiece while you light the herb in the bowl. If you try lighting the bowl without inhaling, you may burn your finger. To avoid this, start by inhaling through the mouthpiece of the device, then light the bowl.

  • Release The Carb

While you inhale, the pipe will fill up with smoke. You need to take your finger off of the carb to release the smoke. Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe Review

Advantages of Glass Spoon-Style Pipes

  • Easy and practical to use without an instruction manual, even if you do not have any experience with pipes in the past. 
  • The pipes are portable and fit easily into your pocket or coat without any hassle so you can take it out and enjoy your herb anytime.
  • Since the glass is non-combustible, it does not add any additional flavor to the flavor of the tobacco or herb that you are inhaling.
  • The pipes are small and do not need to be used with water. 
  • Since it is glass, it does not heat up after several hits, unlike metal pipes. 
  • Unlike wooden pipes or conventionally rolled smoking products, these glass spoon-style pipes do not produce any hazardous toxins while you inhale. 


In the end, glass spoon-style pipes have many advantages over all the other alternatives. In the case of this zig-zig glass spoon-style pipe, it not only makes smoking enjoyable and pleasurable but it is also a colorful and convenient companion allowing you to enjoy your herb whether you are sitting on your couch or traveling.  

If you have not tried one yet, you sure are missing out on something unique. If you would like one for yourself, you can get this Zig-Zag Glass Spoon-Style Pipe for $10.99 on https://atomicdogvapor.com.

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