NIIN Pouches Spearmint Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches Review

Nicotine pouches are becoming increasingly popular and there are different flavors available on the market. Out of the many brands offering nicotine pouches, the NIIN Pouches brand stands out. NIIN is the first to introduce nicotine pouches to the US market. To date, NIIN is still a leader in this emerging industry. NIIN nicotine pouches come in different flavors and offer a cleaner and healthier way of consuming nicotine. And unlike many other brands, NIIN nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco products. The NIIN Pouches brand uses 100 percent certified TFN synthetic nicotine in production. This synthetic nicotine does not have the strong smell and taste contained in nicotine derived from tobacco. And the TFN synthetic tobacco has a strong nicotine kick with long-lasting effects. Apart from certified synthetic nicotine, NIIN nicotine pouches also contain Cellulose, Salt, Sodium, Bicarbonate Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Acesulfame Potassium, and Sucralose.

NIIN Pouches has a collection of nicotine pouch flavors include Spearmint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Cool Mint, and Citrus Chill. All five nicotine pouch flavors are of premium quality. These nicotine pouches are smoke-free, vapor-free, odor-free, mess-free, and spit-free. These nicotine pouches can be used at any place and anytime without any fuss. 

Spearmint by NIIN Pouches has the flavor of cool mint blended with a pleasant sweetness. You will appreciate the coolness and sweetness when you place this NIIN nicotine pouch in your mouth. According to NIIN Pouches, you place this nicotine pouch in your mouth for some time for the nicotine to kick in. You should keep this nicotine pouch in your mouth for the duration of 10 to 30 minutes. You will know the nicotine starts entering the bloodstream when you start feeling a warm tingling sensation on the lips. 

 NIIN Zero Tobacco Spearmint Nicotine Pouches contains high-quality synthetic nicotine in different concentration levels 3mg, or 6mg. Spearmint is also available for sale in different package sizes including 10-can packs, 15-can packs, and 20-can packs. The prices of these value packs are different and range between $4.49 to $12.45.

You can buy Spearmint directly from the NIIN Pouches online shop designed for easy shopping experiences. You can also buy the other flavors of nicotine pouches from this brand directly from the NIIN shop. And this store also offers excellent customer service, you can reach out to the NIIN support team with your inquires and they will respond promptly. 

This store also offers discounts that allow you to save more. This company offers the NIIN Autoship program. This program allows customers to save up to 15% per off on every purchase. Anyone can sign up for the NIIN Autoship program via the NIIN Store. There is also a 10 percent off deal for new customers. You can redeem this code by using the ‘’1STORDER’ code. NIIN also offers fast shipping services on all orders.