Vaping 101: How to Mix and Match Vape Juice Flavors

Have you ever been blown away by an e-liquid? This may have been because of the complexity of its taste or the different layers of flavor in the mix.

In vaping, pairing e-liquids means combining two flavors to create one unique flavor. It does not only sounds fun but is also the best way to jumpstart mixing. Once you learn about pairings e-liquids, you can create advanced recipes that you can enjoy. Just take it one day at a time. For now, let us learn about some common e-juice pairing and vape juice mix.

Before anything else, it is important to remember that there is no shortage of combinations when it comes to vape juices. The sky is the limit. Here we go:


Fruits are probably the most common e-liquids to mix and match with as there are tons of fruity vape juices out there. When the correct percentages are used, you will have a great time pairing fruity vape juices with other fruity flavors or anything you can think of. For example, the famous Strawberry Kiwi is just an equal blend of ripe strawberry and tart kiwi.

Since we are told to eat an apple a day, apple vape juices bring a smooth, rich taste to your vape. It works great with caramel, cinnamon, and ginger flavor. Another favorite is blueberry, which adds some sweetness and sharp tartness to the blend.


Creams, including ice creams and milk, are most likely the easiest flavor to pair. All you will probably need is some vanilla bean ice cream or vanilla custard plus some fruit flavor, and you are good to go. Want an example? How about mixing some creamy yogurt and sweet strawberry? That delicious combination will surely make any bad day bright. Another one? Pour some vanilla bean ice cream then add a little blueberry, and you will instantly have the blueberry ice cream e-juice.

By the way, vanilla is a complementary flavor. Trust me, it goes well with almost everything you pair with it.


Bakery e-liquids can be a little sophisticated. It takes some time and expertise to perfect layering bakery e-liquids, but pairing and mixing is an easy peasy task. For example, mixing some lemon meringue pie with a tiny drop of a cookie will create your favorite lemon cookie snack. Combining butterscotch with some sugar cookie produces butterscotch pie, just in case you are too tired to bake the real thing.

Now enough with the basics. Here are some unique flavors you might consider pairing.

  • Rum and Tobacco – If these two flavors are a perfect combination in real life, then I do not see the reason why they will not mix in vape form.
  • S’mores – This flavor that will bring you camp night memories. It is an easy combination of a thick Graham Cracker crust and some drops of Chocolate Delight topped off with some Marshmallows. Yum!
  • Coffee and Menthol – Menthol is not everyone’s cup of tea. But coffee lovers can add some peppermint to spruce up the usual coffee taste. Don’t worry, you will learn to adjust the level of minty-ness with time.

These are just some common pairings. The list of possible e-liquid blends is endless. When mixing, just remember that not all of your favorite blends contain all the ingredients in equal measures. You might need some experimentation and tinkering to get the taste you like. Also, try to balance the flavors out so that one does not overpower the other.

Do not limit yourself and your creativity. Sometimes, the flavors you will like are those that you never even thought of.

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