Uwell Crown 3 Coil Review

The Uwell Crown 3 Coil is designed for the average vaper. It provides excellent flavor and cloud production. If you’re using a Uwell Crown 3 tank, you’ll need replacement coils. The Uwell 4-coil replacement pack is just what you need. With this pack, there will be no interruptions to your vaping experience due to gunked coils or any other coil-related issue.

The Uwell Crown 3 Coils Specifications

  • 25 ohms resistance
  • Vertical parallel coils
  • Made of 316 Stainless Steel
  • It supports a wattage range of 80 watts to 90 watts
  • Organic cotton wicking

About the Uwell Crown 3 Replacement Coils

The Crown 3 replacement coils come in a plain black box with a yellow stripe on the side. The package features the Uwell logo as well as the specifications of the product and other information.

Inside the box, you’ll find four Crown 3 coils. These coils are made of stainless steel. There is a rubber O-ring near the top and another one near the bottom. This is a press-fitted coil head. It is not a screw-in type coil. There are three slots on the body of the coil to allow the e-juice to flow into the coil and get absorbed by the wick.

To insert the coil in the tank, pull the drip tip off, then take the Crown Uwell key, insert it inside the hole and turn clockwise to unscrew and take the top off. Inside the tank, you need to pull out the pre-installed coil and insert the replacement coil by pushing it in. You’ll have to prime the coil before placing it in.

The Crown 3 coil comes with pure organic Japanese cotton that gives you the full flavor of your e-juice. You will get great flavor and fantastic clouds of vapor from this coil.


You can get the Uwell Crown 3 4-pack replacement coils for only $11.99 at ejuices.com. This is a very affordable price for this high-tech coil.  When you buy from ejuices.com, you will get free first-class shipping if you’re in the United States regardless of how much you spend.

Ejuices.com is a one-stop store for vapers. You’ll find e-liquids as well as vaping devices and accessories at this store. This online vape store provides very good customer service and quick delivery of orders.


These replacement coils are very necessary if you are using the Uwell Crown 3 tank. Some very sweet vapes can gunk up your coil, and you will need a replacement. Instead of running to the local store or waiting a day or two for a new coil to arrive, you can just replace the coil and continue vaping

The Crown 3 replacement coils give you the peace of mind that you need to have an enjoyable vaping experience. Whenever you need to replace your coil, it is always nice to know that you have some extra set aside. Apart from the 0.25 ohms Uwell Crown 3 4-pack replacement coils, you will also find packs of the Uwell 0.5 ohms and  0.4 ohms coil. Each of these coils is unique and provide fantastic vaping experience.

Uwell is a well-known company worldwide that produces high-quality vaping products. The company dedicates time to research to ensure it provides vapers with only the best.

The Uwell Crown 3 is 24.5 mm tank that would fit most box mods without any overhang. Compared to the Crown 2, the Crown 1, and the SE1 coil heads, the Crown 3 is absolutely perfect. You get no dry hits, no weird taste. Every puff gives you get a pure taste. You get the full flavor of your vape juice from the start.

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