Air Factory E-Juice Review

Air Factory is a leading e-juice brand that was established in Southern California. If you love e-liquid with the hottest flavors? Do you fancy quality e-liquid but are struggling to find the right vape e-juice flavor? Then, You don’t have to worry further because Air Factory e-juice makes use of different combinations of ingredients to bring out the candy flavors. Since the introduction of Air Factory e-juice in the vaping marketplace, they have been a producer of candy-flavored e-liquid until recently. Nowadays, the Air Factory e-juice has created tons of interesting e-juice flavors in different categories, such as menthol, dessert, and salt nicotine line.

So, this improvement has increased the reputation of Air Factory in the vaping marketplace, as they produce almost any vape e-juice flavor. When it comes to their candied flavor, whether it’s bubblegum, peach rings, or cotton candy flavor, It’s all made available for you by Air Factory. Even though the Air Factory continues to thrive above others nowadays, there will be a promising future in the company as they are known for producing high-quality vape products that are subjected to a high evaluation process. 

They started in Southern California but are now making a remarkable breakthrough globally. Recently, millions of people value the vape products of Air Factory because of their quality that’s unmatchable. The Air Factory e-juice comes in a strong gorilla dropper bottle of 100ml depending on the flavor on the Westcoast vape supply online store. With a nicotine level that can be customized in the range of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Products Features

  • 3 Nicotine level: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.
  • Content Package: chubby gorilla bottle
  • 70% VG ratio
  • 30% PG ratio
  • Pack size: 100ml (differs based on flavor)

Flavor Description

There are tons of perfect e-juice flavors produced by Air Factory, but only a few of them are mentioned below. To enjoy any of the e-juice flavors produced by Air Factory, it can be bought from a reputable store like the Westcoast vape supply. These e-juice flavors have left a deep impression in the vaping community, as everyone craves to take a taste.

Here is the list of Air Factory e-juice flavors:

  • Blue Razz: The Blue Razz flavor contains the only raspberry, which boosts the overall flavor experience with both sweet and sour taste experience. Whether you are exhaling or inhaling the blue razz flavor, the blue raspberry taste combination creates a smooth taste of fruity flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and stimulate your lips with sweetness. The blue razz flavor brings an appealing flavor to you in the form of raspberries that will introduce a tingling taste.Blue Razz by Air Factory E-liquid 100ml | AceVaper Canada's Online Vape Store
  • Berry Rush: who doesn’t love the sweet taste of ripe raspberries? The berry rush offers the taste of raspberry and blueberries with a blend of candy flavor to stimulate the overall flavor. If you love berries candied flavors, this won’t be an exception because it offers a unique taste that will set your mind ablaze. With a sip of this flavor, you won’t waste a minute before adding it to your favorite.
  • Melon Lush: The sweetness of melon is remarkable among other fruits. Being the reason the melon rush flavor brings the delicious flavor of watermelon in the form of e-juice. The melon lush flavor is blended with a candied flavor that you might be missing from your childhood. 
  • Strawberry Kiwi: The strawberry kiwi flavored e-juice brings the feeling of eating fruits. The flavor includes the taste of strawberry and kiwi to satisfy your taste buds with the sweetness it needs. With the combination of strawberry and kiwi, this flavor is among the trending e-juice of Air Factory.

The Air Factory is trending among other brands in the vaping community. The reputable online Westcoastvapesupply store sells the 100ml bottle of e-juice at a price rate of $13.99, which can differ based on flavor types.