The Fairmont Vape Juice by Khali Vapors

The Fairmont Vape Juice by Khali Vapors is a one-of-a-kind summertime treat that can take your sweet tooth to a tropical paradise. It is an excellent fusion of sweet pineapple topped with creamy whip blended with coconut milk, sugar, and lemon juice. This pineapple ice cream treat is smooth, refreshing, and makes your mouth watery. This delightful combination will surely become your favorite all day vape. Grab a bottle of The Fairmont from Streamline Vape now to avail great discounts. Streamline Vape has a wide collection of e-liquids on their online store, visit their website to find out the best vape juice flavors.

The Fairmont is the first Khali Vapors vape juice I tried since I started vaping. As per my experience, it is flavorful and meets all the requirements to be a premium e-juice. I can say this is the best pineapple sweet cream flavor I have tasted. This is one of the best fruit flavored eliquids perfect to vape during summer days. This e-juice tastes like a delicious pineapple ice cream with undertones of lemon and coconut. The amazing flavor of this vape juice will certainly transport your sweet tooth to a tropical island paradise. You will get a feeling like you are on a vacation in a tropical island with each puff you take. When you inhale, your mouth will be filled with delicious clouds of pineapple flavor with undertones of vanilla ice cream. The taste of tart lemon and creamy coconut hit your palate on exhale. You will also experience a strong delicious aftertaste.

Based in California, Khali Vapors is a popular vape juice manufacturer specialized in making juices perfect for all-day vaping. Their commitment to make perfect juices and attention to detail made them popular. Their vape juices deliver a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Khali Vapors vape juices are named after various California landmarks like the Devil’s Punchbowl, The Fairmont, and Hearst Castle. Their vape juices are the purest and finest natural flavors available on the market. They follow a strict standard regarding the ingredients they use. They use only premium quality ingredients sourced from the US market. All their flavors will make you feel like you are having a real thing.

The Fairmont Vape Juice by Khali Vapors contains a remarkable ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) of propylene glycol (PG). The volume of VG in this vape juice is 60 percent while PG volume is 40 percent. This VG/PG ratio is quite enough to provide you an outstanding vaping experience. This juice is a bit thick, but not that much thick to clog your coils. You can experience a fantastic throat hit. There will not be any charring or burning sensation while vaping, so no need to worry about a negative effect on your throat. It comes in varied nicotine strength to satisfy all type of vapers. You can buy this juice with either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine strength. It is available in 60ml bottles and you can buy this amazing vape juice online from Streamline Vape for just $16.99.